Nude undies, Tomic blast: five talking points at Australian Open.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams’ flashy, one-legged catsuit inspired by controversial track legend ‘Flo-Jo‘ has stolen the show in Melbourne, despite being a “last-minute” creation.

Williams said the vibrant outfit, a nod to the late Florence Griffith Joyner, only came about because a previous design “wasn’t as Serena-esque”.

“So the Nike team went back and created something very Serena-like and didn’t have time to put it in retail. It was definitely more of a last-minute outfit than usual,” said the 39-year-old UFA.

Griffith Joyner remains the fastest woman in history, holding the 100m best of 10.49sec set at the 1988 Seoul Olympics — a remarkable feat that was attracted much speculation about drugs.

“So it’s actually super-light and to a point where I need to make sure I’m wearing underwear,” she confided.

Nick Kyrgios loves an on-court outburst, but without any line judges this year. He found a new target during his five-set thriller against Ugo Humbert on Wednesday night the net cord sensor.

“It’s tough, because having technology like that you sound like an idiot trying to argue against it,” said Kyrgios.

Kyrgios joined on court by umpire Marijana Veljovic at one point. She inspected the net equipment while the Australian ranted that she turn off the machine.

“I was, like, there’s no chance this is accurate, in my opinion. The line calling, look, we can’t do anything about that, because that’s for Covid reasons. That’s fair enough.

“She like, I turned the sensitivity down, yet it was still beeping when the serves were good, like, an inch above the net. So I don’t know.”



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