Embiid taunted Smart Basketball and lost and made an excuse.

Joel Embiid

Philadelphia 76th Center Joel Embiid the Boston Celtics’ smart card as a flirt. After going for a win, 109-117 points, and then made an excuse that because MBeed likes to act, spoofs, the referee calls for a foul. Therefore having adultery and continuing to blame. UFA

Smart complained after the game that the referee instigated by the tactical value of the MBA with a focus on theater. Cry out loud and call for sympathy And the black shirt got mad in the hole.

So heard, Center All – Stars laughed and said that Smart Yoy was like a silly kid.  

Marcus, did it find that I was screaming first? No, come on, I’m sure he knows himself well. Know their own way of playing as well More like a doctor I don’t think I’m complaining as smart.

“Every foul that I get is a real foul … a game that has just been through a hard fight. Other opponents tried to use the ball hard to stop me. But I think I’m smarter than everyone else … I’m just relying on the methods they try to prevent.”

Front Court, aged 26 years, the penalty to 17 from a 21 -time until the game to 42 points, equal to that made at least 40 points from three games to two behind.  

On the Celtics, the whole team shot a penalty down 13 from only 20 chances .  

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