Cowboys should tag Prescott and select a QB at No. 10. Here’s why.

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With a potential second franchise tag looming over the Dak Prescott situation, what the future has in store for the Dallas Cowboys remains uncertain.

For a team on the precipice, with both pieces to win now and problem areas. Dallas should be contingency planning for a future without Prescott, just in case UFA.

Now while this scenario is unlikely to play out, itmakes sense given the Cowboys unique situation and the unprecedented and rapidly evolving QB market.

There’s a good chance one of the non-Trevor Lawrence QBs would be available for Dallas at No. 10 on draft night.

The bomb it would drop on both the team and rest of the NFL would be enough to force the issue with Prescott. Maintain the status quo the Cowboys have operated at for approaching three decades now.

If Dallas did select a QB at No. 10, there are probably three different scenarios which are most likely to play out at that point.

In the first, this finally becomes the straw which breaks the camel’s back between Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. In a bizarro Aaron Rodgers-Jordan Love scenario, during a time. When professional athletes are wielding as much control over their fate.

Than ever before, Prescott signs his franchise tender and demands to be traded before the start of the season.

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