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Coach Carter

Coach Carter

The film is based on the true story of Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson), a basketball coach who has received admiration, praise and disapproval of the community. When he became the headline of the country That does not allow his skilled basketball team to compete Until the learning of this team is improving. 

With the pressure of the athlete Their parents Including people in the community Trying to push the team back into the race Carter had to overcome these obstacles. To show these boys that their future must go beyond hooligans, drugs, prisons and not end up in basketball forever. Movie HD

The Terminal

Optimistic people are generous to others. It is always loved by those around him and always has a place in society. No matter how difficult it is to be in misery Same as Victor A man who leaves his home country for a mission in New York. 

During that time, his home country had political problems. Causing his passport to be suspended And must be stuck at the transit terminal within the airport

Victor’s optimism enabled him to spot opportunities lurking in crises as he was stuck in the terminal at the time. But there is always a solution for the witty and optimistic.

He returned the abandoned wheelchair to the service point. To bring a small deposit received each time to buy food to sustain life in the day until time has passed with a personality that is innocent, generous and loving to help others. Making him an airport favorite And it formed what we call friendship,

a based on true story movie for the optimist Viktor Navorski. The movie feels good, warm, light and comfortable in Steven Spielberg’s style.



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