Big Sam confirms real Benteke ready to join the team.

Christian Benteke

West Bromwich Albion boss Sam Allardyce has confirmed that he is interested in bringing Christian Benteke striker of Cristal Palace to join the team UFA. I do not know if the agency will release or not.

The “Baggies”, who are struggling to escape the relegation heavily, need to spearhead to reinforce the offensive line in killing the opponent. Previously, many good media outlets revealed that the team wanted Christian Benteke to join the team.

Most recently, Alladys have confirmed themselves that they are interested in the Belgian spearhead. But I do not know if the club will be willing to release the 30 -year-old from the team or not.

“I’m not sure if Christians are in the market. It’s up to the recruiting head and Luke (Downing – technical director), ”said Alladiez.

“If they came up to me and said Kristy Young was ready … I’m not sure if it was because at the moment I think everyone wants to keep the striker. Especially in the Premier League.”

“Right now I cannot enlighten you. But if he is ready, I am interested because we all know that I look for a look if possible. But I have not been identified with this.”

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